• out-think

The apex of artful strategy and advisory for the driven chief executive, playing-to-win. Because who you surround yourself with, matters…

Of the top people you surround yourself with, do they continuously challenge you, sharpening your edge to keep you ahead of the curve? Do they fuel your drive for more? Have they helped you find your path to power…

Every day you encounter a myriad of challenges, opportunities and emotions that demand discerning, and often immediate, solutions. Your staff, peers, clients and family all turn to you for answers, direction and support. Who do you turn to?

Welcome. As a Master Strategist and Advisor I serve in an active, behind-the-scenes role as consigliere to a few driven chief executives – those playing-to-win, with unconventional, clever strategy and advisory. As your thought partner, your sparring partner, your trusted counsel for sensitive thoughts, issues and decisions I provide candor, coupled with an unemotional, detached perspective. Logical, decisive, creative, driven, patient and focused with a desire to win – where others can’t, I do the work that needs to be done to support you and help you deliver…

I’m not a yes-man, thus, I won’t allow you to settle for the safe position. Eliminating the noise and distractions of life, I ensure you stay curious and perseverant in your purpose. As we War-Game likely scenarios, you’re able to pro-actively, and confidently, adapt – with structure and insight to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats as you drive value and dominate your markets.

In today’s ultra-competitive, dynamic and demanding environment, your strategy is crucial. Meetings denied. Deals evaporate. Clients lost. Why? Business is not about fairness, it’s about strategy – someone wins, someone loses. There’s no such thing as a “level playing field”, so take every advantage you can, without excuse, or apology. Those who lack the strategy, confidence and attitude necessary to move ahead, lose. We’re all competing for power, and this, is how the real world works. What’s your strategy for moving ahead of those who stand in your way?

Admittedly, I’m not all things to all people. If you’re satisfied with mediocrity, don’t bother calling. Otherwise, let’s discuss if a private client relationship will benefit you – all exchanges between us are always confidential. Contact me.

He says it best… “Success, really, is the freedom to do whatever you want to do.” – Magnus Walker