So that there is NO confusion, I’m not a traditional “Strategic Planner.” What I do, is far from traditional…

Who I am…
A Senior Strategist and Advisor leveraging more than 25 years of applied C-Level experience and education. I serve as a principal resource to chief executives who are done with playing it safe, in their exceedingly competitive markets.

Operating in a highly strategic and facilitative role, I help chief executives to work effectively and efficiently with all stakeholders. As trusted counsel, the role requires me to be exceptionally resourceful, with strong emotional intelligence and negotiating excellence while able to proactively, and confidently, adapt.

Thriving in fast pace, dynamic, complex and demanding environments, I deliver experience, guided by intelligence. I have a certain skillset, a unique way of thinking and confidence in my abilities, which, with my executive presence, gives me a natural competitive advantage. And because I have a different perspective, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, I see things that others don’t.

A bit of what I do…
• Move and keep the chief executive ahead of the curve, briefing in advance about key issues
• Facilitate communication between chief executive and executive team – crafting strategies, initiatives, narratives and directives
• Prepare presentations and talking points for chief executive discussions with bod, analysts, etc.
• Execute strategic initiatives, maintaining discretion & accountability while ensuring proper resourcing
• Proactively identify issues that could impact the successful execution of the chief executive’s commitments while developing solutions to resolve the issues, thus mitigating/eliminating risk
• Leverage my interpersonal and collaboration skills to influence and form relationships with senior executives to successfully operate in fast pace environments
• Lead the development, implementation and execution of the strategic and operating plans coupled with alternate scenarios, and identify key insights that will lead to areas of opportunity for growth
• Provide leadership and guidance to execute analysis and modeling that translates data into actionable insights for the team
• Ensure that aggressive targets are developed and executed to continuously drive the organization to reach levels that were thought to be unachievable, without sacrificing quality or service
• Complete a root causal analysis when exceptions occur, to develop and implement corrective actions, and communicate resolutions to all relevant stakeholders
• Work collaboratively with the team to assimilate trends, customer insights, industry data, and research to determine how to strategically grow the business
• Minimize governance complexity thereby crafting artful operating solutions providing leadership the ability to conduct business
• Craft and execute business development, finance and operations strategies, crucial to achieving growth while managing risk and ensuring viability
• Maximize revenue through achievements in business development and financial management
• Provide lean operations experience driving growth and increased profits through operating efficiencies
• Identify contingencies and develop strategies to mitigate them, including operational interruptions and a loss of resources
• Conduct War Games, thereby testing strategy and negotiations, providing options and a road map to follow when the next challenge is encountered
• Craft, re/structure and negotiate various agreements/deals/contracts

I also work with chief executives in their battles against local/state/federal regulators/agencies, and legal cases. While I’m not an Attorney, I can tell you that each scenario I have been a part of, has been a victory – it’s about mastery, attitude, preparation and positioning.

Partial client list includes executives from Fortune Companies such as ExxonMobil, ibm, bmw along with solo-professionals, U/HNWIs and SMBs – throughout many industries including Financial Services/Banking, Technology, Oil & Gas, Waste/Recycling, Real Estate, Construction, Education, not-for-profit… you get the idea.

It’s important to note, while I’ve enjoyed many exciting triumphs in business, I’ve experienced heartbreaking setbacks and disappointing failures as well. Blessed and grateful, the setbacks and failures have contributed perhaps more to my success than all of my achievements. For without, I simply would not have learned all that I have. But even when I lose, I know how to win – again and again and again…